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U. S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program Free Skate Curriculum

Each Free Skate level is divided into four sections: moves in the field, spins, dance/footwork sequence and jumps. The Free Skate levels are designed to give skaters a strong foundation on which to build their skills. This is the point where the skater can choose whether to pursue a recreational or competitive approach to the sport of figure skating.

Free skate 1

1. Advanced forward stroking

2. Basic forward outside and forward inside consecutive edges (4-6)

3. Advanced back outside three-turns clockwise and counterclockwise (R and L)

4. Scratch spin from back crossovers – three revolutions minimum

5. Waltz jump – from 2-3 back crossovers

6. Half flip

Free skate 2

1. Basic back outside and back inside consecutive edges (4-6)

2. Forward outside and forward inside spirals, clockwise and counter clockwise (R and L)

3. Continuous forward progressive chasse sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise

4. Waltz threes

5. Beginning back spin – two turns

6. Waltz jump, side toe hop, waltz jump sequence

7. Toe loop

Free skate 3

1. Forward and backward crossovers in figure 8 pattern

2. Waltz 8

3. Advanced forward consecutive swing rolls (4-6)

4. Backward inside three-turn: clockwise and counterclockwise

5. Backspin with free foot in crossed leg position – three revolutions minimum

6. Salchow

7. Half Lutz jump

8. Waltz jump-toe loop combo or Salchowtoe loop combination sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

Free skate 4

1. Spiral sequence: FI spiral, FI Mohawk, BO Spiral – clockwise and counterclockwise

2. Forward power three-rurns: R and L

3. Continuous backward progressive, chasse sequence on a circle – clockwise and counterclockwise

4. Sit spin – three revolutions

5. Loop jump

6. Waltz jump-loop jump combination

Free skate 5

1. Backward outside three-turn, Mohawk into three backward crossovers – repeat three times clockwise and counterclockwise

2. Spiral sequence – Forward outside spiral, forward outside three-turn, one backward crossover, back inside spiral: clockwise and counterclockwise

3. Forward outside slide chasse swing roll sequence – 3–6 times, alternating feet

4. Camel spin – three revolutions minimum

5. Forward upright spin to back scratch spin – three revolutions, each foot

6. Loop/loop combination

7. Flip jump

8. Waltz jump-falling leaf-toe loop jump sequence

9. Lutz jump

Free skate 6

1. Alternating back crossovers to back outside edges

2. Five-step Mohawk sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise

3. Camel-sit spin combination – five revolutions

4. Split jump-stag jump

5. Waltz jump-half loop-Salchow

6. Lutz jump

7. Axel – walk through, preparation, jump Axel does not need to be landed to pass this test.

8. Five-step Mohawk sequence – clockwise and counterclockwise



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