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Test Sessions 

The Magic City Figure Skating Club (MCFSC) offers a variety of U.S. Figure Skating proficiency testing at different levels during our test sessions. Testing is held periodically for club session skaters pending partner and judge availability. Non-MCFSC member applications will be accepted on the test sessions if time permits.

ELIGIBILITY TO TEST: (Forms will be made available soon)

The skater must be a current member of U.S. Figure Skating, be a current member in good standing of their home club, provide a letter or email of permission to test from their home club, pay the appropriate fees (including dance lesson fees if applicable), and have the recommendation of their coach as indicated by the coach signature on the application to test form.

Note: Skaters taking dance tests will be required to take at least one dance lesson from the designated MCFSC partner. Dance tests may also be taken with a coach of the skater as the partner.


Lesson Fees – Fee charged by the partner for a lesson or partner practice lesson. (not included on test form – skater will be charged)

Partner Fees – Charged by the partner to take the skater through the test on test day. (included on test form)

Test Fees – The cost of a particular test. (included on test form)

Note: Testing fees are based on ice costs, partner and judges’ expenses, which include travel, lodging, and meals. U.S. Figure Skating judges are volunteers and are not paid a fee or stipend.


Applications must include the coach(es) who will be coaching and/or partnering.

All USFSA events, including testing, require that a coach be registered with USFSA. The USFSA website lists all coaches who are registered and will be used to confirm coach registration. Names appear on the list only when all USFSA registration requirements have been met. Please see the USFSA website ( or contact USFSA at (719)635-5200 for further information regarding coach registration.


MCFSC June 2017 Member Test Form

MCFSC Non Member Test Form June 2017

Note: Due dates will be strictly adhered to.

Test applications will be posted on our club website for non-MCFSC members. MCFSC members will receive test applications from their primary coach. Test application forms are also available from the MCFSC Test Chair.

TEST DATE: June 25th & June 26th

Test Session June 2017



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