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Magic City Figure Skating Club Policies and Procedures

Magic City Figure Skating Club Policies –

Approved 5/5/2015 – MCFSC Policies PDF 

Approved 6/14/2016MCFSC Coaches Office Policies





Effective April 28, 2015

2.1- The MCFSC shall not allow the skaters of the delinquent accounts to skate/participate in off-ice
training/test/compete/perform in ice show/or represent the MCFSC in any on ice event (including events
hosted by other clubs) until the payments are current on that account. There shall be no catch-up
payment plans. Accounts will be considered delinquent and that family’s skater(s) will not be allowed to
participate as described above.

MCFSC Board of Directors requires all family accounts be current before skater(s) are allowed to
participate as a part of the MCFSC. Current accounts are defined as follows:

– Basic Skills skater(s) and/or Advanced Skills skater(s) shall be paid in full for the entire month
before being allowed to skate on Basic Skills ice and/or Advanced Skills ice. In addition, all
previous sessions shall be paid in full.

– Synchro and Theater on Ice (TOI) programs shall be pre-paid for the entire season or pay on a
monthly basis. A delinquent account for these programs would be defined as accounts that are
30 days past due. The respective program’s treasurer shall report to the Office Manager the
status of accounts. The office manager and MCFSC Treasurer will report status of delinquent
accounts to the MCFSC Board President.

– Any other payments, fees, invoices (e.g. coach’s private lessons fees run through MCFSC
accounting), or any other miscellaneous charges owed to the MCFSC shall be paid within 30 days
of invoice. A delinquent account for these fees would be defined as accounts that are 30 days
past due.

– Payments made to an account that owes to multiple MCFSC programs shall have the payment
credited to the specific program that has the oldest charges first.
The policy shall be enforced by MCFSC Treasurer, MCFSC Office Manager, MCFSC President. These three
shall adhere to the utmost integrity and respect for confidentiality during the process. The three
(individually or collectively) shall have the authority to remove a skater that has a delinquent account
from club ice sessions, events, etc.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.2 – MCFSC Board of Directors ensures (oversight) that monthly payments are being made by skater
families to auxiliary programs (like Synchro and TOI) by participating families and not at the end of the
session/season. Balloon payment at the end of the season/session shall not be allowed by the MCFSC.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.3 – Prorating payments for individual skating day sessions shall be allowed. However, the rate shall be
$1.00/hour more than the current MCFSC rate.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.4 – Prorating payments for overall sessions shall not be allowed. For example, if a skater is going to be
moving away halfway through a session, then the reasonable option for that skater is to pay walk-on fee
for the ice that will be utilized for that session.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.5 – Ice time credit for individual sessions (Basic or Advanced Skills) missed will be allowed on limited
basis. Skater injury, illness, and school sponsored events are a few examples. Prior approval through the
Office Manager must be received for ice time credit to be granted. If no approval in advance, then walkon
rate shall be charged to that skater. There shall be no financial credits received towards accounts;
only ice time credit.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.6 – The notification of delinquent accounts shall be two parts. First, the delinquent account family shall
receive an email notification from the office manager through MCFSC Billing (with delivery and read
receipt); the MCFSC treasurer and MCFSC President shall be cc’d on the email. Second, the delinquent
account family shall be mailed an invoice via certified mail one week after the email notification was sent
if the account has not been made current. As soon as the email notification goes out, those skater(s) are
not allowed on club ice or can represent MCFSC as stated in section 2.1 of the MCFSC policy.

Effective April 27, 2015
2.7 – A family that is delinquent on MCFSC accounts is a “member not in good standing” with the MCFSC.
The consequences of a member not in good standing is a separate issue than not letting kid’s
skate/participate in off-ice training/test/compete/perform in ice show/or represent the MCFSC in any on
ice event (including events hosted by other clubs) for MCFSC because their parent(s) are delinquent on
their MCFSC account. “Members not in good standing” shall not be allowed to hold board of director
positions, vote, or hold chair positions on subcommittees. These members will immediately be removed
from the above mentioned position and their position will remain open until the next election at annual
meeting. If this incident happens to make the number of board members to fall below seven (7) then an
immediate emergency meeting needs to be called for the membership to vote new members to fill the
board to capacity. The members selected need to be a “member in good standing” at the time the
incident happened to create the shortfall of board of director numbers below seven (7).

Voting Members must be Members in Good Standing with the MCFSC defined as follows:

Arrears for Fees: Any member in arrears for fees or other indebtedness to the Club shall be notified via
email (with delivery and read receipt) and certified mail by the MCFSC Treasurer or Office Manager at
their last known address. If the amount in arrears is not paid within two weeks thereafter, the name of
the delinquent member shall be reported to the board of directors at their next meeting. The board of
directors may automatically suspend the delinquent member who shall be reinstated upon payment in
full of the delinquent amount. Suspension shall not relieve the suspended member from the obligation to
pay any fees or other amounts due the Club.

The name of the delinquent member shall be reported by the MCFSC Treasurer to the USFSA in
accordance with MR 8.07 – ‘Member clubs must submit to U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters any time
during the current registration year a list of those members not in good standing with said club. Such
members will be flagged in the U.S. Figure Skating database until such financial matter has been
resolved. Outstanding financial obligation is the only valid reason for submitting a member on this list.

Effective April 28, 2015
2.8 – Requests for reimbursement for eligible expenses by MCFSC members need to be submitted within
one month from date of expense or the MCFSC Board of Directors reserve the right to deny

Effective July 1, 2015
2.9 – Credits in skater accounts that have not been utilized for over one year shall be zeroed out and
claimed by the MCFSC. This shall be examined in June of every year.



Effective March 8, 2015
3.1 – All board meetings will be closed to any skaters under the age 18 unless pre-approved by the




Effective April 14, 2015
4.1 – The following coach/staff education/certifications/conference fees/training can be reimbursed by
MCFSC at a 50/50 match:

– On-line trainings/exam

– PSA Conference fees

– USFSA Membership

Other training/certifications not listed in 4.1 or 4.2 will be reviewed by the Board of Directors on a caseby-case
basis. All travel costs associated with section 4.1 are the responsibility of the coach/staff and not MCFSC.

Effective April 14, 2015
4.2 – The following coach/staff testing can be reimbursed by MCFSC at a 100% rate:

– PSA Ratings Exam
All travel costs associated with section 4.2 are the responsibility of the coach/staff and not MCFSC.

Effective April 14, 2015
4.3 – All reimbursement request(s) in section 4.1 and 4.2 shall show proof of passing the exam or
attending the entire training/conference. Therefore, reimbursements by MCFSC will not be made until
after the actual exam, training, conference, etc. has been passed and/or attended. The board of
directors reserves the right to request a short presentation from the coach/staff presenting what they
learned at the training/exam and how it can be used for the benefit of the MCFSC.

Effective April 14, 2015
4.4 – A “payback” policy is set up to protect the financial investments that MCFSC is making towards the
training/education of current MCFSC coach/staff. For a MCFSC coach/staff to request reimbursement
they need to have worked for/with the MCFSC for a minimum of 6 months. Once the reimbursement of
the eligible coach/staff fees/expense is made, the coach/staff is required to work for the MCFSC an
additional 6 months from the day the exam/conference was completed and in the case of memberships
when those expire. If the coach/staff (salary position or private lesson coach on MCFSC ice) is no longer
employed by MCFSC directly or indirectly (voluntary left/resigned or termination) and the time frame is
within the 6 months as described above, then the coach/staff will be required to payback all reimbursed
expenses that the MCFSC club covered.

Effective April 14, 2015
4.5 – A separate line item shall be set up in the MCFSC budget to track coach/staff education expenses as
described in section 4.1 to 4.4. This line item shall be a benchmark for the Board of Directors to decide
whether to approve the request for reimbursement or not. The goal is to communicate this ahead of
time to the coach/staff that is considering upcoming training or exams.

Effective April 14, 2015
4.6 – Requests for reimbursement for eligible expenses by MCFSC members need to be submitted within
one month from date of expense or the MCFSC Board of Directors reserve the right to deny

Effective May 5, 2015
5.1 – Prior approval is needed by the MCFSC board of directors with enough advanced notice before
guest coaches are brought in so that proper advertising and schedule planning can take place.

Effective July 1, 2015
6.1 – Auxiliary programs (Synchro & TOI) shall have 10% of their respective program fundraising be
contributed to the MCFSC general fundraising contribution line item. Another 10% of their respective
program fundraising shall be contributed to the MAYSA Expansion project. Once the MAYSA expansion
project is fully funded, the auxiliary program’s fundraising shall be at an 85% program /15% MCFSC
general contribution split. The auxiliary program’s fiscal year budget shall reflect the fundraising
contribution shares to the MCFSC general contribution fundraising as well as the MAYSA Expansion
project. The contributions to MCFSC general fundraising contribution line item and MAYSA Expansion
shall be transferred during the month of June of that fiscal year.


Effective July 1, 2015
7.1 – The overall P/L account for auxiliary programs (Synchro & TOI) shall maintain a positive balance for
their respective accounts in the overall MCFSC budget. Their actual P/L for that particular fiscal year can
be in the negative; however, there needs to be enough in reserve to maintain an overall positive balance.
Effective July 1, 2015

7.2 – If there is not a particular auxiliary program in a certain fiscal year, the MCFSC shall maintain the
account for that year. If there is not an auxiliary program for a second year in a row, then the MCFSC
shall zero out the line item accounts and the leftover funds shall be absorbed into the MCFSC general

Effective July 1, 2015
8.1 – Auxiliary programs (Synchro & TOI) shall have the office manager’s (% of work effort) of the current
overall salary accounted for in their fiscal year budget. See section 8.2 for Office Manager % of work
Effective July 1, 2015
8.2 – The office manager % of work effort overall salary shall be accounted for in the following areas:
Basic Skills = 25%

Advanced Skills = 25%

Synchro = 5%

TOI = 5%

MCFSC/Club wide = 40%
The percentages shall be reviewed on an annual basis to make any adjustments necessary.

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