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Meet Hannah – Gold Medalist Senior Moves in the Field

Hannah Foss started skating when she was 7 years old. Once enrolled in group lessons, she quickly passed through her Learn to Skate levels and started working on her Moves in the Field, Freeskate, and Dance disciplines.  Over the years, Hannah has earned many competitive accolades and most recently earned the title of Gold Medalist by passing her Senior Moves in the Field at just 15 years old! According to US Figure Skating, only about 3 percent of skaters are at the gold or senior level.  The MCFSC is proud to have multiple skaters earn this recognition.

Hannah is also well on her way to earning all of her Gold Level Dances. The four dances needed to attain Gold status are; Argentine Tango, Quickstep, Westminster Waltz and the Viennese Waltz. Hannah has passed her Quickstep and has 3 dances to go. With a little hard work and determination, we believe Hannah will achieve this goal!

Congratulate Hannah on this well-deserved award. Thank you to Hannah for also taking the time to fill out a “Get to Know you” questionnaire:

Name: Hannah Foss

Age: 15

School: Central Campus

Moves in the Field Level: Senior

Freeskate Level: Juvenile

Dance Level: Gold

Coaches: Brenda Tarkinton, Cheri Neset, Shandra Stai

Favorite Skaters: Gracie Gold, Ashley Wagner and Yuna Kim

Favorite Jumps/Moves:  Jump – Double Loop, Axle, layback spin, Moves – twizzles

How I got started in skating: I remember always going to watch my cousins ice shows and always wanting to figure skate so I asked mom to sign me up

What do you love about skating?  I love how when I am on the ice for a performance you can forget everything else and be in the moment with your music.  Also how many friends you can make.

Memorable Moments:  The time I landed my very first axel and I didn’t’ even know I really landed it until about a minute later.

Favorite Food  – Burrito bowl from Qdoba

Favorite Hobbies – Shopping and watching Netflix

Favorite Movies – Safe Haven, Kiss and Cry, and Ice Princess

Favorite TV Shows – Pretty Little Liars, Greys Anatomy, and Famous in Love

Favorite Singers – Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna

Favorite Books – 13 Reasons Why, Two by Two, The Program

What advice would you give to new skaters?  I would say never give up even if it seems impossible.   If it’s your first time skating and you keep falling don’t worry it happens to everyone.  Also, don’t be scared to try the new things coaches ask you to do or even ask for help the coaches will always help you.


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