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Gold Medalist – Senior Moves in the Field

The Magic City Figure Skating Club would like to congratulate Taylor Garaas on passing her Senior Moves in the Field to earn her the title of Gold Medalist with USFSA!

This title does not come easy and she has had to pass skill tests in front of a panel of judges and advanced through several levels over the years. The senior test, or “gold” test, is the highest achievement a skater can accomplish in any particular discipline.  When an athlete passes their senior or gold test, it is a huge accomplishment, marking many years of dedication to the sport, and their mastery of that discipline. The athlete earns the title, “U.S. Figure Skating Gold Medalist,” they receive a gold pin from U.S. Figure Skating, may purchase a Gold Medalist jacket, and most importantly they may put the accomplishment on a skating resume, college application or even a job application. The amount of time it takes to achieve the senior or gold test varies, but on average, it is around five years (5) years from when a skater passes their first test (pre-preliminary moves in the field) until they pass the senior moves in the field test. According to US Figure Skating, only about 3 percent of skaters are at the gold or senior level.

Congratulations, Taylor on this well-deserved honor! Get to know more about Taylor below:

Name:  Taylor Garaas

Age: 13

School: Erik Ramstad Middle School

Moves in the Field Level: Senior – Gold Medalist

Freeskate Level: Pre-Juvenile.  Testing my Juvenile at next test session

Dance Level: Pre-Gold

Coaches: Barb for Freeskate and Dance. Brenda for Moves

Favorite Skaters: Gracie Gold & Ashley Wagner

Favorite Jumps/Moves: Fav Jump – Axle, Fav Spin – Sit Spin, Fav Move – Step Sequence

How I got started in skating:  My friend Sofia was in it and I thought it would be cool to do and fun

What do you love about skating? It’s taught me stuff doesn’t come easy and you have to work for what you want

Memorable Moments:  When I almost got all 1st places at a Minneapolis competition & passed my Senior moves.

Favorite Food: Bacon & Chips

Favorite Hobbies: playing outside with my little sister & friends

Favorite Movies: If I Stay

Favorite TV Shows: Riverdale, Greys Anatomy

Favorite Singers: Justin Bieber

Favorite Books: Everything, Everything & The Selection Series

What advice would you give to new skaters?  Don’t give up when you can’t get something right away.  It won’t come easy and you have to work for it.


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